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Monday, April 9, 2018

Hot & Spicy Chicken Wing Sauce

This is a hot and spicy sauce with complex flavors and a wonderfully mild back heat. It is great on chicken wings, or anything other meat you need to kick up a notch.

1 cup of John's Texas BBQ Sauce
1 cup of Frank's Red Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce
¾ cup Worchestershire Sauce
½ cup of John's Carolina Reaper Sauce (Reaper sauce is made with a 5½ ounce bottle of Banquete Chilero and 50 mg (slight smidgen) of smoke Carolina Reaper powder.)

Mix all the ingredients. Done! Store in the refrigerator if you have any left.

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in the title indicates this is part of our "Weight Management Plan". Main Dishes average 300-350 calories. Desserts average 100-150 calories. Someday, I may get around to updating all the recipes to include the Nutritional Information. Don't hold your breath...
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